The Church of the Transfiguration is in region 6 with St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish in Troy Ohio.  More information will be added to assist in keeping all informed of the progress of Region 6

Definitions of Pastoral Region Terms

A Single Parish Region

A Single Parish Region has a Sunday October count of 2000 + with one pastor assigned by the Archbishop.

(The Futures Project, 2004)

A Collaborative Region

A Collaborative Region is a group of parishes with one pastor who is assigned by the Archbishop.  The pastor leads the parish staff(s) and leaders.  Each parish retains its own Pastoral Council, Finance Council and Pastoral Staff, in a collaborative manner.  There may be one or more churches used for worship.

Note:  Some collaborative pastoral regions have chosen a joint pastoral council and even a joint finance council made up of an equal number of representative members from each of the parishes.  This allows for those members who represent each of the parishes in the region to be consulted on pastoral matters that pertain strictly to an individual parish.


A Merged Region

A Merged Region is a group of two or more parishes that are joined together to create a new canonical parish with one pastor assigned by the Archbishop, one Pastoral Council, Finance Council and Pastoral Staff, and one or more worship sites or churches.

In each regional pastoral situation –

The pastor and laity work together out of their respective vocations to foster a vibrant church.  A pastoral administrator may be engaged to enable ongoing parish life including liturgy, pastoral care and administration.  The administrator would assist the pastor in his function of liaison between the parish and the diocesan church, local church and community