Fr. E's Book List Recommendations


1.    Mary and the Church Fathers
2.    Mary in the Middle Ages
3.    A Year with Mary
4.    True Devotion
5.    Fatima for Today
6.    Fatima Today
7.    Fatima in Lucia’s own Words
8.    The Glories of Mary
9.    Mary a History of Doctrine and Devotion
10. The World’s First Love
11. The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary
12. The Shepherds of Fatima
13. Hail Holy Queen:  the Mother of God in the Word of God By Scott Hahn
14. The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Fulton Sheen

1.    The Life of Christ
2.    Calvary and the Mass
3.    Victory over Vice
4.    The Cross and the Beatitudes
5.    Advent:  Meditations with Fulton Sheen

Spirituality and Theology

1.    The Belief of Catholics by Fr. Ronald Knox
2.    The Creed in Slow Motion By Fr. Knox (I highly Recommend this one for those who have some theological background)
3.    In Soft Garments by Fr. Knox
4.    I believe in Love:  A personal retreat based on the teaching of St. Therese of Liseux (great book)
5.    The Lamb’s supper by Scott Hahn
6.    Rome sweet Home By Scott Hahn
7.    Surprised by the Truth (all the volumes are great)
8.    Prayers, Promises and Devotions for the Holy Souls in Purgatory
9.    The Dark Decade 1829-1839 Anti-Catholic Persecutions in Hawaii
10. Scripture Matters by Scott Hahn
11. Frequent Confession.  Its Place in the Spiritual Life
12. The Cantata of Love.  Verse by Verse Reading of the Song of Songs
13. The Glories of Divine Grace by Fr. Matthias Scheeben.  (He is my favorite theologian.  This is a tough book…but wonderful to understand the Church’s teaching on Grace)
14. Orthodoxy by Chesterton
15. Living the Catholic Faith by Archbishop Chaput
16. Consoling the Heart of Jesus
17. The King, Crucified and Risen by Fr. Groeschel
18. Swear to God by Scott Hahn
19. The Creed:  Professing the Faith Through the Ages by Scott Hahn
20. A Father who Keeps his Promise By Scott Hahn
21. Reasons to Believe:  How to understand, explain and Defend the Catholic Faith By Scott Hahn
22. First comes Love:  Finding Your Family in the Church and the Trinity By Scott Hahn
The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations Vol 1, 2, 3, and 4 By Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

St. Pope John Paul II

1.    Gift and Mystery.  On the 50th anniversary of my priestly ordination
2.    The Rosary of Pope John Paul II
3.    Memory and Identity
4.    Rising in Christ.  Meditations on living the Resurrection
5.    Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
6.    The Wisdom of John Paul II


Saints and other Holy Stories

1.    With God in Russia
2.    He Leadeth Me
3.    The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest
4.    Maurice and Therese
5.    The Story of a Soul
6.    St. Therese of Lisieux her Last Conversation
7.    Letters of St. Therese of Lisieux Vol 1
8.    Apostle of the Exiled St. Damien of Molokai
9.    Come be my Light
10. The Life and Letters of Father Damien Apostle of the Lepers
11. Priestblock 25487
12. Saint Paul by Pope Benedict
13. The Divine Favors Granted to St. Joseph
14. Will to Love.  Reflections for daily living by St. Kolbe
15. St. Rita of Cascia
16. Diary of St. Faustina:  Divine Mercy in My Soul
17. The Letters of St. Faustina
18. Mother Teresa in My Own Words
19. Where there is Love, There is God
20. Mother Teresa Reaching Out in Love
Secrets of a Soul (Padre Pio’s Letters to His Spiritual Directors)
22.  He is My Heaven.  The life of Elizabeth of the Trinity
Elizabeth of the Trinity Vol 1 and Vol 2
24. The Spirit of Father Damien
25. God the Joy of My Life St. Teresa of the Andes
26. Saint Among Savages, the Life of St. Isaac Jogues
27. Jesuit Missionaries to North America
28. The Shadow of His Wings.  The true story of Fr. Gereon Goldman, OFM
29. A Shepherd in Combat Boots.  Chaplain Emil Kapaun of the 2st Cavalry Division
30. St. John Bosco by Forbes
31. Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco
32. The Road of Hope:  A Gospel from Prison
33. The Miracle of Hope:  Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan
34. Prayers of Hope
35. Testimony of Hope
36. The Cure D’Ars today.  St. John Vianney by George Rutler
37. St. Bernadette Soubirous by Abbe Troch

Raniero Cantalamessa (the Papal Preacher to John Paul II and my second favorite theologian)

1.    The Mystery of God’s Word
2.    The Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus
3.    The Mystery of Pentecost
4.    Jesus Christ the Holy One of God
5.    The Eucharist Our Sanctification
6.    Life in Christ
7.    Mary Mirror of the Church
8.    The Mystery of Easter

Pope Benedict & Francis

1.    Jesus of Nazareth
2.    Jesus of Nazareth:  Holy Week
3.    The Infancy Narratives.  Jesus of Nazareth
4.    Jesus, the Apostles and the Early Church
5.    On the Way to Jesus Christ
6.    Way of the Cross by Pope Benedict
7.    God is Near Us
8.    The Spirit of the Liturgy
9.    The Joy of Knowing Christ
10. Pope Francis and Our Call to JOY