Purpose - The Transfiguration Parish Council’s mission is to “be an informational, consultative group of parishioners that represent the parish community.” The primary concerns of the Council “will be the spiritual well-being of the parish community, communications throughout the parish community, and providing the pastor with parish resources.” The Parish Council is not a governing body, but a group of parishioners whose responsibility it is:

1. To share, in a consultative manner only, in the decision-making of the parish, and assist in implementation of these decisions.
2. To determine priorities in the parish according to its needs.
3. To represent all the people of the Parish.
4. To provide for communication, coordination, and cooperation among parish organizations.

Membership - The Parish Council consists of the pastor and elected and appointed parishioners representing numerous organizations and the general parish membership. The goal is to have all parish organizations represented on Council in some fashion to ensure communication channels are kept open throughout the parish.

Meetings and Agenda - Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month, excluding July, August, and December, at 7:00 p.m. in Mother Teresa Hall. Agendas, for the most part, are determined at the end of each meeting, for the upcoming meeting. This is subject to change depending on what might come up in the parish between meetings. Monthly meetings are open to ALL PARISHIONERS as observers.