August 2, 2015

“Sixty-five years ago, the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord was erected as a Mission Chapel on fifteen and a half acres at the south end of West Milton.  A group of religious sisters had conducted a census for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and discovered a need.  They counted 72 Catholic families living near the new church site.
Because of local feeling against selling land to build a Catholic church, brothers Harry and Herb Busse engineered the purchase of the land for the ostensible purpose of using it as grazing pasture for Harry’s ponies.  The ponies did indeed graze there until a small, dilapidated farmhouse and several farm buildings were torn down and construction started in September 1949.  With a loan from the Archdiocese, a $43,240 building was finished and dedicated on Sunday, August 27, 1950. 
At the dedication, the Most Reverend Bishop George Rehring of Cincinnati expressed hope that this mission church would be the source of “untold blessings,” and that this humble beginning would soon result in a complete parish, under the direction of a resident pastor.
Five hundred people attended the dedication.  A glorious church was born (a beautifully written article on our parish website-Parish History.”  
It is a true honor to continue ministerial work of the previous Transfiguration pastors.  Their hard work, and the hard work of the parishioners have made this parish outstanding.  On behalf of all the staff we want to extend our gratitude the people of Transfiguration parish that have volunteered their, time, talent and treasure to the good of the parish.  Thank you.