July 26th, 2015

 A few weeks ago I was talking to a high school graduate and I asked her, whether she would skip a soccer game to attend Mass or would she choose soccer over Mass.  She laughed a little and said I would try to do both.  I told her she couldn’t do both it was either soccer or Mass.  And as you might expect she picked soccer.  I teased her a little and then let her off the hook, but I believe this mentality of sports or the world over God is more common than we might expect.  In almost every homily I have challenged the people of God to place Him above all else.  I have asked the people of God to reflect on their lives and their love for God.  If we truly love God with all our ‘heart, mind, soul and body’ how to do we express that love?  Do we love God so much that we take him on vacation with us, or do we leave Him at home?  Do we love Him so much that we carry him to work with us, or to school, or to the gym, or to the television room or to the bedroom, or are there aspects of our lives or places in our lives that God is not welcome?

In just a few weeks our parish will be hosting a ‘parish mission of sorts’.  “To Jesus Through Mary” is a week-long opportunity to demonstrate our LOVE for the ONE who loves us above all else, but giving Him 2 hours each night for 4 days.  In the grand scheme of things this is a very small sacrifice, with an abundant reward.  That reward is communion with the Lord. 

Please invite your family, and friends.  Bring your hearts filled with praise and worship to give glory and praise to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and to honor Our Lady of Fatima.